Sunday, 9 March 2014

Much RepRap...Exploring the universe powered by a 3D printer

Dogecoin wallet
The kids are into Dogecoin. So to celebrate Dogecoin a Touchololu PCB or unit based on the first person to either offer:
   25000 Dogecoins - Gets the PCB with programmed micro controller.
   65000 Dogecoins gets a white PLA Touchololu case and PCB populated with micro controller, voltage regulator and passive components (no SD card, speaker or switch). Essentially as shown in the image below with green LCD display. Casing provided with back and 4 screws. (see small print).

On the day of posting 1 Dogecoin = US$0.00088
Touchololu Offered for 65000 Dogecoins

Delivery will take at least two weeks as I have not built the unit. Essentially I have no idea if anyone is interested. It's all a bit of fun for the kids!

I usually use green LCD displays, this display is a Displaytech 204A series module. In some lighting conditions seems to have less clarity than the green units. Note the 'feature' in Marlin where decreasing the number needs a reverse direction, it's not Touchololu. The drift of my finger is due to the close proximity of the camera and attempting not to block its view of the screen.

Small Print...
Connection to the main machine is provided by yourself, no warranty can be provided. Will help with questions as time allows. Use assumes some knowledge of how to configure your RepRap controller for use with a Panelolu 2 panel and equivalent skills to build a Panelolu 2 unit. For the PCB and micro controller postage inclusive. For the full unit to other destinations add the cost to your country (calculation here). Take weight to be 500g and package size to be  20 x 15 x 15 cm. One time offer, first come, first served. No responsibility for any loss or damage, howsoever caused.
- Well it says small print.